"The Art of Being different."

We all are made in our own unique way. We love to express ourselves, and to feel free to be who we are. Here at ABnormal Clothing, we desire to create a brand that allows you to do just that, to be you. No matter if it is clothing, music, culture, whatever it may be, we all are different in some way. Fitting in a box is normal, so we created a way to be what we like to call ABnormal. What does your version of ABnormal look like?


ABnormal Beanie


What is "the art of being different."?

"you are the art, you are the canvas"

How do You ABnormal?

Abnormal tanks



My name is Austin "A.B" Burton, and I am the owner and founder of ABnormal Clothing. I have a love and passion for diversity. That was the driving theme in making this brand. So that whoever may visit us, can find something that fits them and their personality. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us! I hope in your visit with us today, that you can find something that fits YOU. This is...

"The Art of Being different. 


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